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Opinion: We Can’t Let Up on the Pedal in the Drive for Electric Vehicles

By Dan Becker and Maya Golden-Krasner


Following the hottest year on record, the fight for clean cars and a healthier planet is facing determined foes. Now it looks like the Biden administration may slow-roll the needed transition to clean vehicles, knuckling under to craven automakers, oil companies, and car dealers.

These powerful industries are teaming up…

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Global Warming 101

A Safe Climate for All of Us

The Safe Climate Transport Campaign is working to solve the biggest challenge we face: Global warming. The technology exists today to protect our fragile climate by cutting our dependence on polluting fossil fuels, such as oil. We have a responsibility to our children and our communities to take sensible steps now to become good stewards of the air and climate we depend on to sustain us.

Earth’s climate is regulated by the greenhouse effect. The layer of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere acts like a heat-trapping blanket around the planet by capturing some of the sun’s radiation and sustaining….

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Opinion articles by Safe Climate Transport Campaign

It’s not surprising that Big Auto, Big Oil, car dealers and others have teamed up to run the Environmental Protection Agency’s draft auto pollution rules off the road. What is surprising and appalling is that after the hottest year on record and pledges to boldly confront the climate crisis, the Biden administration is bowing to their unseemly pressure.

The draft called for

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The Unprecedented Rise of Carbon Dioxide

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