Opinion: Can you hear the chant from the Oval Office? ‘Make America Polluted Again’

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September 18, 2019

President Trump’s attack on California’s long-established authority to set air pollution rules stronger than those of the federal government means we’ll see fewer clean cars and more pollution-spewing Trumpmobiles. We can almost hear the chant from the Oval Office: “Make America Polluted Again.”

Relying on a legal theory rejected by two federal courts, the administration claims, in effect, that California never had the authority to set its own standard — a standard that 13 other states have followed — in the first place. Never mind that the authority in question is a centerpiece of the 1970 federal Clean Air Act, and that presidents of both parties have allowed California to exercise its “waiver” more than 100 times to fight smog.

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President Donald Trump is poised to eviscerate the clean-car rules that automakers negotiated with President Barack Obama. When they debate in Detroit, the Democratic presidential candidates must explain how they would repair the damage he is doing to the climate and undo the risk he is creating for the domestic auto industry.

Anything short of restoring the Obama plan and moving to more stringent mileage and emissions standards will leave the planet — and the Detroit 3 — in an increasingly precarious position.

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The Trump admin’s #CleanerCars rollback is threatening the health and safety of Americans, all in the midst of the #COVID19 pandemic. Bottom line- @EPAAWheeler and @SecElaineChao are #StuckInReverse. Read more from @CRAdvocacy’s David Friedman: http://ow.ly/GyA050z7OiU

Keeping #BigOil under the #Climate crisis microscope. Way to go, @IEABirol. Demand #CleanerCars to fight #Globalwarming. http://ow.ly/jzYN50z7O4m

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